Paul Silverman, Executive Director, Team One

I hired Quimble to design a creative team-building workshop that kicked off two full days of intense business meetings for a team that had a fairly tense dynamic. The team had a wildly fun time. But even better, holding the Improv workshop before our meeting instantly boosted our group’s comfort level with one another, led to far more open communication, and dramatically improved our creativity. The meeting succeeded well beyond my expectations, and my team continues to apply their learnings from the improv with one another and their teams. I would recommend Quimble to any leader/manager that is looking to accelerate team collaboration and a higher level of shared accountability.

Craig Rowley, Vice President Marketing, REI

Quimble hosted an event for my team focused on becoming better storytellers and building stronger team dynamics. The instructors offered a great balance of engaging exercises and practical tools to apply to our everyday work. Everyone who participated loved it. I would definitely do it again.

Amanda Taft, Associate Director, Carat Media

To date, this class has been the most effective communication course I’ve ever participated in. It helped me find my voice in large and sometimes awkward settings. I walked away not only feeling comfortable in my own skin, but confident. At the end of the day, I was just more easily myself.  When credibility is so closely linked to authenticity, as a client- facing manager, I need the room to feel they can trust me. This course has been invaluable within that regard. I highly recommend this class to anyone at any level of work experience. It is especially helpful to those who find themselves having to present to and/or lead groups. In addition, they only made cluck like a chicken once. And I was better for it.