Curriculum Design

Quimble helps businesses achieve their communication objectives by leveraging the principles of Improv to benefit both the team and individual participant. Quimble designs custom curricumlums based on specific client objectives including the following:

  • Igniting Creativity
  • Building a High-Performing Team
  • Presentation Skills
  • Finding Your Voice

Typical Class Structures

We develop class structures to meet business objectives, whether you are looking for a one-off event or want to see more of us. Many classes culminate in a show for a limited audience of co-workers, family and friends. To get the ball rolling, here are our most popular class structures:

  • Half-day workshop
  • Multi-day seminar
  • Weekly series

Charismatic Communication

WOMENSPEAK Training and Quimble have partnered to offer “Yes And - Charismatic Communication”

We combine leadership communication skill development with comedic Improv training. The result is an engaging course that develops authentic, charismatic executive presence and creative thinking, as well as more inclusive cultures of speaking and listening.  

Until recently, charisma was widely thought to be inherent; you either had it, or you didn’t. Now, a robust body of research confirms many elements of charisma can be taught; in fact, most perceptions of charisma are driven by strategic, engaging communication. 

Student Outcomes:

  •  An understanding of how each participants’ natural communication tendencies can be leveraged to increase perceptions of authenticity, executive presence, and charisma. 
  • Skills for building relevance and credibility, linking message to company/brand strategy.
  • System for message development that aligns participants with best practices. 
  • Story development that aligns participants with best practices for developing an authentic voice of leadership. 
  • Delivery skills, including voice/speech/body language.  

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