Improvisational comedy fosters a creative environment by encouraging participants to listen, take risks, and react authentically. Side effects include uncontrollable laughter and fun. 

Quimble teaches Improv to businesses, custom-tailoring workshops to achieve specific business objectives. The primary benefits of Improv to an organization include: 

  • Engineering a creative environment that encourages risk-taking through honest personal reactions 
  • Igniting creativity and building high-functioning teams
  • Empowering participants to discover their voices within a team or an organization 
  • Producing a workplace culture that is highly creative and innovative  

We are a group of seasoned, experienced improvisers who are also a group of seasoned, experienced members of the business community; we know first-hand how the benefits of Improv can directly benefit businesses of all sizes and disciplines.   

Over the past 10 years, companies have hired Quimble to empower their teams with a foundation of Improv. These clients have utilized Quimble to encourage authenticity among their leaders, build confidence among their rising stars, and accelerate creativity that serves the both the individual and the organization.